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Streamer Life!

Role Playing Game

#1 in Role Playing

iOS Review


While this app certainly isn't malware, it sure does employ a suite of third-party trackers and we doubt the average "streamer" would expect that.

Streamer Life!'s Privacy Rating is D. We found 9 different third-party trackers in the Streamer Life! app, and there were 169 attempted tracking connections detected during our test.

Testing Results

Blocked tracking attempts.

How was tracker testing done?

Tested using Lockdown v1.2.4.

What was done during the test?

169 tracking attempts during initial app setup and playing through 3 levels.

How many tracking attempts each time the app is opened?

Average of around 100 tracking attempts each time the app is opened and a few streaming tasks are completed.

Did user give consent to tracking before tracking started?


Personal Data Collected
None Found
Trackers Found
Facebook Pixel



Measure Ad Performance

Privacy Policy: Anything present in HTTP headers - IP addresses, information about the web browser, page location, document, referrer and person using the website, Pixel ID and the Facebook Cookie, any buttons clicked by site visitors, the labels of those buttons and any pages visited as a result of the button clicks, Developers and marketers can optionally choose to send additional information, website field names like ‘email’, ‘address’, ‘quantity’ for when you purchase a product or service

Google Analytics



Measure Advertising ROI

Privacy Policy: Owned by Google, so same as Google's Privacy Policy. Personal information, email address, apps, browsers, devices, unique identifiers, browser type and settings, device type and settings, and too much more to fit here.



Mobile Marketing Platform

Privacy Policy: Device make, model and operating system; Device properties related to screen size & orientation, audio volume and battery, device memory usage; Carrier; Operating system; Name and properties of mobile application through which a consumer interacts with the Services; Country, time zone and locale settings (country and preferred language); Network connection type and speed; IP Address; Internet browser user-agent used to access the Services; and Identifier for advertisers (IDFA).



Mobile Marketing

Privacy Policy: hashed IP address, Mobile identifiers such as the ID for Advertising for iOS (IDFA), Google Advertising ID or similar mobile identifiers, Installation and first opening of an app on Your mobile device, Your interactions within an app (e.g. in-app purchases, registration), Information regarding which advertisements You have seen or clicked on




Ad/Analytics Platform

Privacy Policy: Device make, device model, operating system (e.g. iOS), device type (e.g. smartphone, tablet, etc.), device properties related to screen size and orientation, audio volume and battery, network connection type, IP address, Internet browser user-agent used to access the Advertising Service, identifier for advertisers (IDFA), timestamp, iOS identifier for advertising, OS version of device, international mobile equipment identity (IMEI), geo-location data, information about when and for how long you use the Advertising Service or any service provided by Mobvista’s business partners, transactional data related to your interaction with an application, website, platform, or service provided by Mobvista’s business partners, such as information about the actions taken in an application like purchases or application installations; device event information such as crashes, system activity, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and referral URL.




App Monetization

Privacy Policy: Device identifiers, including your IP address, iOS Identifier for Advertising (IDFA), Android Advertising ID, and a MoPub-specific identifier. Your precise geo-location, when location services have been enabled for an app on your device that has integrated the MoPub SDK and APIs. Note that when location services have not been enabled in any of your apps that have integrated the MoPub SDK and APIs, we will still infer data about your location based on other information, including your IP address. Information that a Publisher Partner has collected about you and/or shared with MoPub, including demographic information (e.g., your age or gender) or information about your interests, to help make the ads served to you more relevant. Information about your device, including the type and model, manufacturer, operating system (e.g., iOS or Android), carrier name, mobile browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari), and screen size. Information about your app usage, including the apps on your device that use the MoPub SDK and APIs and the version of such apps, the app on your device that is requesting an ad, the start/stop time of your app session, your current time zone, and your network connection type (e.g., WiFi, cellular). Information about ads served, viewed, or clicked on, including the type of ad, where the ad was served, whether you clicked on it, and whether you visited the advertiser’s website or downloaded the advertiser’s app.



Global Ad Platform

Your Advertising ID, an additional unique identifier of available solely from within the app of the app developer which cannot be used to identify you on other apps, IP address, information about your browser settings. The term Advertising ID refers to the Google Advertising ID on Android devices, and ID For Advertising (“IDFA”) or ID For Vendor (“IDFV”) on iOS devices. The Advertising ID is a resettable persistent identifier generated by Android or iOS that allows online advertising companies to recognize your device across non-affiliated apps, for purposes such as frequency capping, attribution, fraud detection, personalized advertising, and whitelisting. You can find additional information about how to limit our use of your Advertising ID under “How to Control Your Information”, Your advertising ID, IP address, a unique identifier of your device available solely with respect to the advertiser, information about your browser settings.



In-App Advertising

When an ad is served through our Online Services, we and others may collect the following from end users’ devices: bundle ID, language ID, operating system version, device model, software developer kit (SDK) version, unique device identifier, IP address, and Media Access Control (MAC) address. In addition, when an end user accesses a video ad, we and others may collect additional stats about videos and video playback such as: start/boot-up information, amount played/session length information, memory on device used for our video cache, videos cached on a device and complete view event. We identify an end user’s device using Chartboost’s internal device ID, which is linked to an end user’s Apple IDFA, Google Advertising ID (GAID), or Android ID, as applicable



Game Ads

When you use an app supported by Vungle technology (see Section 2.3, below, our services can collect certain information about your mobile device. Some of this information (including for example, your IP address and certain unique identifiers), may identify a particular computer or device and may be “personal information” or “personal data” as defined under law in some jurisdictions (including in California and the EU, respectively) (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “personal information”). We collect this information the first time Vungle’s SDK is initialized on a Publisher Client’s app. Note, however, that Vungle’s Ad Services do not collect any information that that enables us to identify End Users personally (such as your name, address, or email address). We may also combine and/or enhance the information we collect about your device, including the personal information, with information we may collect about your interactions with other ads served through Vungle’s Platform that you may view on other Publisher Client’s Apps, or with information collected from our Clients and third parties (such as data providers). This may include, for example, mobile device IDs, demographic or interest data, and content viewed or actions taken on an app to help make the ads served to you more relevant while limiting your exposure to less relevant ads. We (or our third party partners) may also use this additional information to undertake “user matching,” which means that in addition to the ID an End User has been assigned in our system, we may also receive a list of unique IDs our external partners or Clients have assigned to an End User.

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