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Face X Play

Selfie Filter App

#42 Entertainment

iOS Review


Even though there were relatively fewer tracking attempts in this app than others, there are two glaring errors in their Privacy Policy that indicate the app developer doesn't prioritize privacy.

First, they state that the "App is not intended for children under the age of 16 [...] No one under the Minimum Age may provide any personal information to the App." However, their app store entry clearly states the app is for ages 4+.

Second, the Privacy Policy says "Your continuous use of Snap Scanner will be deemed as your acceptance", which is a totally different app ("Snap Scanner"), indicating they likely copy-pasted this Privacy Policy from elsewhere.

These obvious errors are signs that privacy is not taken seriously by the developer, and that basics checks were not done by Apple's "walled garden" app reviewers. Since the app does upload a user's personal photos (as well as "facial features information"), privacy is pretty important here.

Face X Play's Privacy Rating is D. We found 2 different third-party trackers in the Face X Play app, and there were 18 attempted tracking connections detected during our test.

Testing Results

Blocked tracking attempts.

How was tracker testing done?

Tested using Lockdown v0.3.8

What was done during the test?

18 tracking attempts in four minutes of: install app, open app, allow access to photos, activate filter on a photo, and save a filtered photo.

How many tracking attempts each time the app is opened?

7 tracking attempts each open.

Did user give consent to tracking before tracking started?

No. Tracking connections are made before any consent is given.

Personal Data Collected
🖼 Photos
Trackers Found


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